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Ava-Graph Films Present: Unveiling Avery Willard at the Rotterdam Film Festival by


When filmmaker Avery Willard didn’t use the penname Bruce King, he developed his films under the title of Ava-Graph Films. These pieces weren’t for commercial use, they were the kind of art he would create in his apartment specifically targeted for a small audience, then tucked away in a box until now. This coming weekend, In Search of Avery Willard  will screen with a rare full program of Willard films, Unveiling Avery Willard, at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, January 26th and 27th. The program includes the following films:

Leather Narcissus – One of the more directly pornographic works of Avery’s experimental films, this half-hour journey is inspired by the curse that the mythical Echo placed on Narcissus. A man journeys throughout city streets seeking his reflection in everything, even the leather of a stolen motorcycle.

Reflections – Experimenting with double exposure, a dreamy soundtrack and floating camera movements, Avery created a moving image portrait of the male figure that is far from brash. He created a film that seems to turn pornography from a guilty pleasure into a natural desire, making the close-up seem elegant and humble.

Dream Boy – A man drifts in and out of consciousness and finds himself in different scantily-clad scenarios. In this film Avery plays around with montage and layers reminiscent of Reflections, but ties the dreams together narrative-like shots of the main character’s reality.

Salome - A film made by Avery based on Salome and the Dance of the Seven Veils, a biblical story in which King Herrad asks his stepdaughter Salome to perform a dance on his birthday. In return, she receives the head of the man with whom she is in love, John the Baptist. When Henry Arango saw a performance of Salome, he was inspired to do his own interpretation, which they shot in Avery’s apartment.

Screening Times

January 26 at 22:00
January 27 at 22:15
Lantaren Venster Theatre Two
Otto Reuchlinweg 996
3072 MD Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Amanda Hammett
Amanda Hammett received her B.A. from Bard College, with a dash of Columbia U. Her past personal work ranges from roast videos to experimental narrative shorts. She created and hosted Bard's first 24-hour Film Festival, where students were put on teams and required to create a short film in twenty-four hours under certain creative specifications. Amanda served as contributing editor on "Notes From the Lower East Side," a documentary on the NYC film co-op's leader MM Serra. Last year she assisted in cutting early ideas for video portions of the New York Public Library's centennial celebration. Amanda has also worked and volunteered with festivals and shows including the Drive-In Film Festival and MoMA PS1's summer WarmUp series.

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