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The following clip is taken from Avery Willard’s 1966 experimental short, Reflections, starring Paul Ritchards. Here we see Willard’s keen implementation of double exposure, a recurring technique in his film work. As the camera moves elegantly across Ritchards’ body, abstract, superimposed images of New York City drift in and out of frame. The urban landscape begins to align with the landscape of the male physique. Provocative and hypnotic, Reflections calls to mind the mid-60s work of fellow avant-garde filmmakers like Kenneth Anger, Bruce Baillie, Tom Chomont, and many others.

Cary Kehayan

Director, In Search Of Avery Willard

Cary Kehayan is a New Jersey-born filmmaker, musician and video artist. After graduating summa cum laude from Fordham University Lincoln Center with a B.A. in Visual Arts, Kehayan remained in New York City to pursue a career in directing and editing. He is a graduate of New York University's Tisch/BBC Television Production Program. While in London, Kehayan also studied art and screenwriting at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. His semi-autobiographical short film, I Speak, You Understand Me, earned him the 2010 James Storey Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Visual Arts. A founding member of the indie rock group Average Girl, Kehayan continues to make records and tour nationally with the band. He has worked as a director for BBC Television, as an editor for HBO Documentaries, and has achieved critical success as an experimental video artist and curator. He resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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