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I’d just turned 15 over the summer and already the horrid institution they called high school was getting ready for their homecoming pretty soon. With no interest in any of those childish matters, I made plans for my own “event.” Around that time, the weather was cooling down and walking to school was quite an easy task either on foot or by the metro bus line. The daily routine bored me, especially with my class work done weeks ahead of time. I’d spend my time in classes either keeping to myself and reading or giving answers to kids around my desk.

So finally everything was set into motion and the weekend was coming up. My parents had informed me that they were leaving out of town for an Amway convention or some business matter they needed to attend to. They traveled often and most times would leave me at home alone. Though they bought my siblings their first cars when they were around the same age, mother’s baby boy just didn’t seem to need one so soon. Mostly because I was the youngest and I presume she was just being overprotective, which really made no sense because they worked so much, I hardly saw them anyway.

Friday came and my parents had already left in the early morning. I attended classes like any other normal school day and was relieved when school finally let out. I walked home and took my time and thought of what I’d say or how it would all pan out. So many thoughts were running in my head. After a while, a rush of energy and excitement filled my body and I ran inside the house, slamming the door to my room open and grabbing my overnight bag. I packed the essentials, a pair of jeans and some t-shirts.

I grabbed the money my parents had left me and walked to the bus stop. It took the bus about 40 minutes to get to the Greyhound station downtown. I crossed a block and passed a McDonald’s, debating whether or not to eat something now for fear that I’d not get a chance later. I didn’t really know. But I came to the conclusion that if I was going to do this, then now was the time. I’d already looked at the bus schedule for the next trip and I’d be cutting it short if I didn’t just wait in the disgustingly smelly bus station waiting area. I went right in and waited in line. The teller yelled, “Next please” and I walked up to her and said, “ One ticket to Dallas please.”

The bus ride really didn’t seem long at all and after waiting for everyone to get off, I picked up my things from off the bus and caught a cab. We rolled up to the hotel and I paid the driver. I paused for a mental minute, reminding my self the room number, and strolled across the lobby with peculiar looks from the hotel staff. Trying to keep a straight face and a huge smirk in my thoughts, I headed straight for the elevators. Fortunately, one was coming down and opened up with no one inside. I walked in and pushed the button. Taking time again to consider the whole ornate dynamics of the situation at hand, I just grinned.

The bell rang after reaching my floor and I let out a prolonged sigh. As the doors opened, I walked out as if I owned the place, hyping myself to reach a level of confidence to deal with what was about to go down. I slowed down as I walked up to the room and I knocked lightly three times. A few seconds passed and the door opened.

“Abraham?” and there before me stood quite the handsome man: 5’10”, Anglo with a shaved head and blue eyes. Slightly built and very charming. His name was Jon, he was 37 and from Spanish Harlem.

He immediately went at it, pulling me inside the room and wrapping his arms around me. And I, the ever so shy boy, excitedly followed lead. We kissed furiously, passionately. He couldn’t control himself and I just kept thinking in the back of my mind, “Is this really happening?” We’d been chatting online for several weeks now and he’d already mentioned that he was a medical supply vendor of some sort and traveled to Texas often. That it was in his district or whatever. Though he came to Houston only once, but that was way after…

He tore my clothes off and threw me on the bed. He was already naked, having been only wearing a towel around his waist.

Sweat, grunts and his ever so theatrical moan.

I was completely out of breath and he needed rest. I squeezed out from under his body and sheepishly walked to the restroom. I closed the door behind me and turned on the bath water, because it was louder as it came out.

I sat on the tub and began to cry. You see, it wasn’t about sex or even being rebellious at that age.

Honestly, I just wanted a friend.

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