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Happy Birthday Father by

Happy Birthday Father

For my father’s 58th birthday, we went upstate. The weekend prior, we went to Governor’s Island for Father’s Day. This video combines our two weekends, focusing on my dad’s interaction with himself and reaction to others. Even though I have watched my dad my whole life, filming him gives me a different perspective. His minute, fleeting actions become permanent when recorded on video, making it possible for me to examine him more thoroughly. Knowing my father just as long as I have known myself, it is hard to comprehend that he is getting older, just like it is hard for me to understand my own aging. Viewing him through a lens allows me to see age by taking him out of context and giving me a more objective perspective, as a stranger would observe him. Filming humans is a different approach to experiencing them than the traditional lens-less, real-time perspective. It also passes the time.


Alix Diaconis
Alix Diaconis is a Film student at Bard College in upstate NY. She has lived in NY her entire life. She is a writing instructor with Bard Prison Initiative. Her goal is to work as a film Editor or Director of Photography after college.

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