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Are lesbians passé? That’s what Doris Anderson will disprove during her Sapphic occupation of FringeNYC.  A humorous excavation of the artifacts and personalities in the LBGTQ community circa 2012, IN HEAT is for the lesbian community and their gay and straight supporters who will all discover survival skills to brave the Gender-Queer Revolution, learn about community cat neutering and get hot tips on dating.  Performances are part of Fringe Festival and run until August 25th.

In Heat Creative Team’s new play Is She Hot Under Her Collar or Under Her Skirt? is a comical, twisted and thoroughly queer look at what it means to be a lesbian in this day and age. The play is directed by Lisa Haas who also stars in the film CODEPENDENT LESBIAN SPACE ALIEN SEEKS SAME which opens this week at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles.


Daniel Quinn
Daniel Quinn is a filmmaker, musician and painter. He studied at Fordham University Lincoln Center. As well as earning departmental honors, he graduated with a B.A. in Visual Arts. His video installation, “Eat the Moon,” earned him the University's Susan Lipani award for exemplary work in the Visual Arts. Quinn is a founding member of the New York City-based, alternative-rock band Cosmonaut. The band is featured alongside such artists as Yoko Ono, Patti Smith, Yo La Tengo, et al., on the recently released Occupy This Album. Quinn has composed scores for several films and completed a score for “In Search of Avery Willard,” a documentary film directed by Cary Kehayan and produced by Ira Sachs. A native New Yorker, Quinn currently resides in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

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