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I work as a massage therapist, and have a Pro Ad on Adam4Adam, which only gets me clients if I happen to go a trolling online. One day a man asks if I have an opening, he lives nearby. He has longish blond hair, which I love, and blue eyes. We have a humorous chat and I send my address.

When Kevin arrives I feel a jolt of energy, he’s quite attractive and there is a sweet connection, but I feel nervous, which is unusual for me. I’ve been doing this for 20 yrs or so, have clients all the time, and feel confident with my work. He strips down, on the table and I begin working on his body. I have an instant bone!

We chat a bit about our pasts and I learn he used to live in LA, “Oh I did too, grew up there” When? “In the 70′s” Really? I was there then…

And then I realize…and this is an OMG that buckles my knees for a moment…

When I was 15 years old, going to Hollywood High school, it was the disco age, and my theatre department gang and I would go to The Other Side – a fabulous joint down the street where we got in with our really fake IDs, chicken we were called, me in my high wasted pants, platform tennis shoes and glitter tops… My hair was long and black, and I worked that floor like Donna Summer 3 nights a week…

One of the bartenders was a cute boy, maybe 19, and I had a devastating crush on him. He always flirted with me at the bar, and I dreamt about him nightly… His boyfriend however, was a gorgeous beauty who worked the door, and who was also the owner’s brother. So I was respectful (and terrified of rejection!).

On New Years Eve, this bartender got really drunk, and as I was twirling on the floor, at the stroke of midnight he ran up to me in the middle of the crowd, grabbed me and stuck his beautiful tongue all the way into my lungs. We stood there in that timeless movie moment and made out! I was through the roof forever!

The next time I remember seeing Kevin, maybe a week or two later, I ran into him on the street, and we walked and talked hesitatingly of nothing, I wasn’t sure if he even remembered our intimacy…. He took me to a couch in an abandoned garage, and we sat and talked, then I went home…

I have regretted not being forward with him for years, using it as yet another reason to flagellate myself for being shy, fearful. All the missed opportunities….

So now he’s on my table, and I tell him the story, and he IS Him, and he remembers it all, and tells me how I was the reason he broke up with his boyfriend, the huge jealous rant, and why he left that job! He fills me in on other stuff that has happened through the years, and we laugh and are totally honest about how much we desired each other, and somehow coudn’t make it happen. He tells me that of course he was hesitant because of my being underage which hadn’t even occurred to me!

I move deeper into the massage now, and it becomes erotic and we finally consummate our passion, almost 40 years later! And it is sweet, and hot, and everything it was meant to be.

We talk a few times on the phone. and then we are done, and it is perfect…..

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