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Carlos consists of three vignettes, three windows into the life of a struggling art student.  I made the film as my final video project for a college class on narrative filmmaking. The film stars my best friend Carlos Diaz, and my grandmother, Margaret Kavoussi. Carlos is entirely autobiographical – I majored in Studio Art at a small, isolated liberal arts college.  I spent a great deal of time there frustrated, insecure, and alone, typically in my studio, and there were days when the only person I’d speak to would be via the phone or internet.  Carlos is my attempt to show the beauty of a nuanced “artist” life.

Ariel Kavoussi
Ariel Kavoussi is a filmmaker, artist, and writer based in New York City. Her work has been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art's Documentary Fortnight, the Williams College Museum of Art, and elsewhere. She graduated from Williams College in 2012.

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